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Dr. Jitendra Kumar Sundaray

Principal Scientist & Head
Division of Fish Genetics & Biotechnology
ICAR- Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture
Bhubaneswar, India


Dr. Jitendra Kumar Sundaray is working as a Principal Scientist & Head, Division of Fish Genetics & Biotechnology, ICAR- Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. He completed his Ph. D (Animal & Marine Bioresources Science), Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. He is the recipient of Hiralal Chaudhary Young Scientist Award-2008. He has published more than 102 research publications in both national and international repute journals.

  • Served as Aquaculturist in Aquaculture Industry during 1994-1997 at Balasore, Odisha and have gained the experience of working in Private industry
  • Completed 19 years and 5 months of research and extension in Brackishwater FinFish breeding and fish seed production, fish genetics and biotechnology research.
  • Completed demonstrations on milkfish, seabass, mullets and tiger shrimp, white shrimp, crab farming and seed rearing.
  • Developed the brooder through proper husbandry practices for different brackishwater fishes like seabass, cobia, mullet, mlkfish, moon fish and pearlspot.
  • Completed demonstrations on Jayanti rohu in different parts of India which include state like Odisha, West Bengal, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu and Tripura
  • Involved in Fish Genetics, Marker assisted selection, selective breeding and transgenic studies in freshwater carp species.
  • Specialized in molecular endocrinology and bioinfrmaics research.
  • Leading project on computational biology, Biotechnology HRD and Genetic improvment of freshwater fishes and crustacean
  • Associted with inhouse and external funded project on molecular biology & biotechnology
  • Completed training on different aspects of fish physiology and biochemistry at National and International levels.
  • Completed project on fish conservation and live gene bank. Completed higher studies on Fish endocrinology and Physiology.
  • Completed demonstrations CIFABROOD in the state like Tamil Nadu, Tripura, West Bengal and Odisha

Research Interest

  • Molecular Endocrinology
  • Genetic upgradation of Freshwater Fish and Shell Fish