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Dr. Samarendra Mohapatra

Professor and Head, Agribusiness Management
Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology
Bhubaneswar, Odisha


Dr. Narottam Prasad Sahu is the Principal Scientist & Head, Fish Nutrition, Biochemistry & Physiology Division, Central Institute of Fisheries Education (ICAR), Mumbai, India. Currently serving as the Joint Director of ICAR-CIFE. He has published 120+ research articles at various international repute journals. In 2015, he bagged the Fellow of National Academy of Veterinary Sciences, Life time achievement award, CLFMA of India (2014), Fellow of Maharashtra Academy of Sciences (2014), Best Fisheries Scientist of India, PFGF, Mangalore (2006), Best Scientist, CIFE, Mumbai (2004), and Best Young Scientist, CIFE, Mumbai (2003).

Significant achievements in research & development

  • Medicated Feed against Argullus infestation in Fish
  • Optimized the carbohydrate level in carp feed by nutrigenomic approach
  • DORB as a complete feed for carp
  • Nutraceutical conglomerates for enhancing the growth of stunted fingerling of IMC
  • Preventing the aflatoxin contamination by mixing clove oil and sodium propionate at equal proportion at 0.5% in the diet reduces the incidence of aflatoxin.
  • Preparation of protein isolates from non-edible seed (rubber seed, jatropha seed, neem seed, karanja seed and castor seed)
  • Leaf meal after soild state fermentation was successfully used as a complete replacer of De Oiled Rice Bran (DORB) in carp feed


  • “CIFE ARGUNIL” Medicated feed against Argulus infestation in fish
  • Developed the Fermenter cum Mixer for Leaf meal to be used in carp feed


  • Ivermectin based medicated feed mix for the treatment of fish parasites and growth restoration in fish. Application no. 2101/MUM/2010,Patent No: 330484 (Granted on January 2020)
  • Nutraceuticals for improved growth of stunted fingerlings, Application no. 201821027496 dated 23-07-2018 (Provisional patent filed)
  • Ecofeed – an aquafeed for biofloc based fish culture, application no 201921042385 dt 19 October, 2019 (Provisional patent filed)

Research Interest

  • Nutraceuticals for fish health and growth
  • Nutrigenomic approach to optimize inclusion level of ingredient in aquafeed
  • Medicated feed
  • Leaf meal as alternate to DORB