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About Agri Vision-2023

Theme: Strengthening rural economy through smart and sustainable agriculture

Agri Vision-2023 will cover the key sectors of Agriculture and discuss various issues and challenges of the modern Agri System and how to solve them using omics technologies, new technological tools, and proceed towards smarter Agriculture. This Agri Vision-2023 Conference calls for proposals from all the Agricultural Industry and Academic stakeholders. This Agri Vision-2023 is the best platform to discuss the new innovations & strategies that will enhance the livelihood of farmers and promote Agri Entrepreneurship. This International Conference on Agriculture will offer the ideal platform to meet & network with global experts in the Agricultural sectors to promote collaborative research and explore new business opportunities.

Agri Vision-2023 program comprises Plenary sessions, invited lectures, Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, Networking sessions, and one-to-one discussion sessions. The collective views at Agri Vision -2023 will help to bring out the strategies for Doubling the farmers’ Income and moreover help in finding the solutions for a sustainable agricultural system for the rural development.

We have successfully Organized Agri Vision-2018 at Puri, Agri Vision-2020 and Agri Vision-2021 at ILS, Bhubaneswar followed by Agri Vision-2022 at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack recently. 

Who Should Attend?

This Agri Vision 2022 will be the best platform for the business stakeholders like Plant breeders, Companies & Institutes that deal with Animal Science, Veterinary, Fisheries, Seed producing companies, investors, Agribusiness professionals, Vendors, Suppliers, Agri instrument manufacturers, etc. This Agri Vision Conference will help the vendors to meet their clients, stakeholders, and decision-makers including policymakers. The exclusive networking sessions will help them to meet the business partners for exploring the Agribusiness opportunities and building business partnerships.

Target Participants from Academic, Universities & Research Institutes

  • Agri science Educators
  • Agriculture Science Faculties, Researchers, Scientists & Scholars
  • Plant breeders, Researchers in Seed science & Technology
  • Professionals involved in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Animal husbandry
  • Researchers working in Soil science & Plant nutrition
  • Government Agencies & NGOS working in the Agricultural sector
  • Agri business specialists
  • Agriculture associations

Target participants from Industries

  • Equipment manufacturers & vendors
  • Seed companies
  • Agro & Food processing, packaging companies
  • Fertilizer, Chemicals & Pesticide companies
  • Agricultural technology & Service providers
  • Agribusiness companies
  • Agricultural Building Contractors
  • Aquaculture product and service providers
  • Agribusiness companies
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture industries & Suppliers
  • Animal and Veterinary medicine & Food suppliers
  • Irrigation & Water Technologies
  • Marketing & Export / Import Services
  • Turnkey Projects & Knowledge Transfer
  • Agri Bankeing and Agri finance institutes
  • Public & Private sector involved in Agriculture and allied services


Why attend?

  • Learn and upgrade your knowledge on new innovations, Tools & Technologies in the sectors
  • Get access to the experts, meet and network with fellow colleagues
  • Break your comfort zone & implement new ideas you learn from Agri Vision 2023
  • Learn a new skill and upgrade yourself
  • Network & strengthen the collaborative research
  • Meet the products & service providers
  • Evaluate your research and share your ideas with global experts
  • Get a great exposure to teh industry
Society for Agricultural Research & Management

The Society for Agricultural Research & Management (SARM) is a nonprofit, non-political organization that promotes innovative agricultural research, Collaborative research journeys through its members, educating farmers and agri stakeholders for capacity building to build a sustainable society. We Organize our Annual Conference “Agri Vision” to bring together all the agricultural and allied stakeholders to a single platform to disseminate research, collaborate, network, and bring solutions to the current existing Agricultural issues that will ultimately empower farmers for a ahungerfree world. Our platform will empower budding young scientists, farmers and researchers to build a hunger-free, poverty free, and a self-sustainable society through innovative agricultural practices.